Daniel von Mirbach

Narzissenweg 5 · 46485 Wesel, Germany · (+49) 1578-2253527 · daniel.mirbach@rwth-aachen.de

I am master student at the RWTH Aachen University. My specialisation is Machine Learning. I recently started a new job opportunity at Aldi Süd International IT in the department for Master Data & Integrations Platform. Furthermore, I complete my own projects as well as projects for my clients next to my work and studies. Please view my experiences for my portfolio.


Student Assistant Software Development

Institute for Automotive Engineering RWTH

During my time at the Institute I developed a variety of skills. I learned Python from scratch and created my first full-stack web-application. I got used to the topics Internet-of-Things, Autonomous Driving and Electric cars. This knowledge helped me with my other projects at university and future jobs. Please view my top three completed projects during my time at the Institue.

December 2017 - June 2019
Development of an eye-tracker algorithm in the area of autonomous driving

Together with the research team traffic psychology & acceptance I created an alogorithm to match the eye focus to screen coordinates in order to algorithmically decide whether the driver is able to take control over the car.

Languages: Python

Development of a webservice for the digitalisation of the coffee vending machines
Coffee Machine

In the course of the digitalisation process of the institue I developed the employee UI to buy a coffee and the employer UI to see the coffee balance of each employee. I set up the necessary Backend Server with a MySQL database to store the employees coffee balance.

Languages: Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

Development of a vehicle control for automatic in-car temperature adjustment
Vehicle Control

Together with the research team for thermodynamics I created an alogorithm to adjust the in-car temperature automatically based on inner- and outer car sensor values. I therefore connected a vehicle control unit to the CAN-bus of the vehicle to read and set the necessary values..

Languages: Python, Linux, Bash

Student Assistant Software Development

Chair of Software Engineering RWTH Aachen

Together with my supervisor Jörg Christian kirchhof I developed a vehicle-fleet management system for a large car manufacturer as well as a variety of Internet-of-Things specific Domain Specific Languages. I got used to the topics Internet-of-Things and Domain Specific Languages. I also learned the process of software development in a larger team. Please view my top two projects during my time at the Institute.

July 2019 - January 2020
Development of an Internet-of-Things fleet-management system

As topic of my bachelor thesis "Reliable Internet-of-Things-devices for vehicle-fleets with unreliable Hardware" I developed the part of the software which runs in each vehicle of the fleet. The software was able to read out data from the vehicle and send important information to the backend in a reliable way.

Languages: C++

Development of a Domain Specific Language for the Internet-of-Things

Together with my supervisor Jörg Christian kirchhof I created a DSL with the purpose of making IOT deployment easier. I created the necessary grammars, implemented JUnit tests and started setting up a master/slave architecture for the deployment process.

Languages: Java, C++, Montiarc, Monticore, Maven, Docker

Study related work experience

RWTH Aachen

During my Bachelor's degree I had to accomplish two major software engineering projects with other students in a team. While completing this projects I learned a lot about software development in a team and social skills. I also learned Model-driven Engineering and the programming language C. Please view my two major projects during my Bachelor's degree.

October 2016 - today
Development of a Industry 4.0 factory with Lego and Fischertechnik

During the Software Project Internship I developed together with 30 other team members a fully working Industry 4.0 factory. In this process we created several use cases with different roboters that communicated together with a from our team developed REST Api.

Languages: Java, Montiarc, Maven

Development of a basic operating system from scratch
Coffee Machine

During the my studies I developed together with another student a basic but fully working operating system with the programming language C. From scratch we created tasks such as scheduling, heap management, interrupts and I/O. For more information click here.

Languages: C

Freelance Work Experience


Next to my studies and jobs at university institutes I also developed projects for clients and myself. I am convinced that to become better in my area I need to accomplish many projects for myself as well as for clients. During my freelancer career I developed the skills of full-stack Web development with the frontend languages and tools HTML, CSS, Javascript and Angular and the backend languages NoSQL, Python, NodeJS and Express. I also learned to develop a hybrid app with the new Framework Flutter. Furthermore I practiced my theoretical knowledge in Machine Learning from the university in a real project where I tried to predict stock prices with Python and TensorFlow. Please visit my top four freelance projects.

October 2016 - today
Development of a restaurant website for the Truck-Stop Berny's Cook

For the Truck stop Berny's Cook I recreated its web presence. I used basic HTML, CSS and Javascript to create a beautiful looking Website which attracts customers. I integrated analysis tools like Google Analytics. Furthermore I enabled a contact and an application form with PHP and instructed the owner how to host the website.

Languages: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Development of an Artificial Intelligence to predict S&P500 stock prices
Coffee Machine

Next to my specialisation Machine Learning I created an Artificial Intelligence to predict S&P500 stock prices. I used the TensorFlow framework to build my models. My models were LSTM's. I also learned visualisation techniques to show and interpret my model's results.

Languages: Python, Tensorflow

Development of a Fitness Food Aggregator with Full-Stack technologies

This was the realisation of my first business idea. With the frontend framework Angular I created a beautiful and easy to use platform to get an overview about all fitness groceries in the market. With Python I created a crawler to fetch the necessary data from the manufacturers. With Express/NodeJS and MongoDB I created the backend. Because of third party restrictions I could not publish this website.

Languages: Angular, Python, Express, NodeJS, MongoDB

[In Development] Hybrid App platform to share local street foods with travellers
Coffee Machine

My current project involves the development of a hybrid app with the framework Flutter. The app should be the platform for travelers like me to share their best street foods with each other. The backend is completely realised with Google Firebase.

Languages: Flutter, Google Firebase

Working Student Master Data & Integrations

Aldi Süd

Mai 2020 - today



RWTH Aachen University

Master of Science
Computer Science

GPA: -- · Grade: -- · Just started my Masters degree

April 2020 - now

University of Edinburgh

Master of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 3.3 · Grade: 1.7

September 2019 - March 2020

RWTH Aachen University

Bachelor of Science
Computer Science

GPA: 3.4 · Grade: 1.6

October 2016 - August 2019


Programming Languages & Tools
Soft Skills
My core Values


Apart from my studies, my work and my personal projects I love to learn. My motto of life is "constantly learn and grow" (Bodo Schäfer in his book "Gesetze der Gewinner"). I believe strongly that success in life comes with constant learning. How I learn? I read lots of books and love to accumulate all books I read in my personal library. I read all kinds of books that bring me further in life. Examples are from Dale Carnegie "How to win friends and influence people" or "Seven habits of highly effective people" from Stephen Covey. I also learn with online courses on Udemy to develop my skills in software engineering. A list of courses I already finished can be found in Awards & Certifications.

Next to learning and reading I love to do sports. My favorite types of sport are football and Fitness-Bodybuilding. I play football since I am young and just love the smell of the grass and the team spirit you develop over a season. But what has shaped me the most the last two years was Fitness-Bodybuilding. I fell in love with this amazing sport. When you want to be successful in gaining muscles and look great, you need to develop important skills that bring you further in life as well. For example you need to be disciplined in your eating and training habits. Also, you need to always have your longterm goal in mind. Lastly, you need to go over the point which hurts the most in order to make your muscles grow. Further benefits I experienced with Bodybuilding is that you are more healthy and therefore more productive. Also, you look better and are more confident.

My last big hobby is travelling. In October 2019 I started my Erasmus exchange to Edinburgh in scotland. To go out of your comfort zone and find your way in a foreign country and culture inspired me heavily. Another benefit of travelling for me is to meet amazing people, improve my language, see beatiful landscapes and most important taste the best Street Food in the world. This is also the reason why I started developing an app to share Street Foods with other travellers. I also made a world trip this year 2020 starting in Asia and ending in Canada. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus I was forrced to fly back to Germany.

Awards & Certifications